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* City of Concord, Community Development Department

The City of Concord has a well-staffed, professional development office providing for necessary safety, environmental and community concerns. Because of the city's central location and high quality support services, the Concord area is a highly desirable community in which to live and work. Current Penacook issues include:

* Concord 20/20

Penacook Village drawingAs part of their “A City of Villages” concept, Concord 20/20 has been leading discussions with citizens of Penacook. Penacook is the first such village project the organization is taking on. Discussions have included

  • Noted demographer Peter Francese leading a conversation about what makes a vibrant village and a strong community.
  • Landscape architects sharing drawings of a renewed Penacook center.
  • Matt Walsh, Assistant for Special Projects, updating progress on city projects in Penacook such as the Tannery and a grocery store.
  • Ed Roberge, City Engineer, addressing concerns and questions about the Route 3 Corridor plans.
Concord 20/20 Concord 20/20 is a nonprofit organization working for a vibrant downtown, walkable villages, environmental preservation, access to nature, economic vitality, and people-friendly transportation. For more information about this effort, please contact Concord 20/20 at www.concord2020.org or at (603) 228-0220.
To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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